Introduction to the rasp@berrie patch

Patch with a Pi
The rasp@berrie patch is a board that allows the user to interface an R-Pi computer to off-the-shelf Arduino "shields", or to design modules that use that interface.

The Arduino Mega interface can be used for Mega Shields or Uno shields, so the patch offers the full Mega-compatible Interface to maximise the functionality available, and to maximise the choice of modules and applications.

The Board has default connections, but the whole idea behind it is that the user can re-wire the whole board, and connect it up more or less however they want to, to suit their own applications.

As long as the user has fully connectorised their R-Pi, this board gives the user access to all those pins - not just the main 26-way connector.

And even if you only use the R-Pi SPI bus, that gives you access to all 54 or so of the Mega I/O pins.

So... What does the patch give you?

Connectorised R-Pi
The rasp@berrie patch gives you:
- access to all 54 or so of the Mega I/O pins.
- the ability to access all of the R-Pi header connectors
- Proper 3V/5V interfacing, with some anti-static protection
- a choice between PIC and ATMEL processors
- a USB interface via the PIC
- the ability to connect up the R-Pi, PIC and ATMEL interfaces to each other and to the Arduino interface in many different ways by using patch wires between the many "Test Point" through holes.
- a few choices about how to power the stack- from USB, from a 9V mains adaptor, or drawing power from one or other of the boards

rasp@berrie Patch Documents

Block Diagram

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