At prototype phase - The Rasp@berrie Patch

Patch with a Pi
This is the homepage of berrie.com, which is now dedicated to the open source engineering activities of Nigel Berrie, of Basingstoke in the UK. This activity is to be based around a number of hardware designs, the first of which is called the rasp@berrie patch.

The rasp@berrie patch is a board that allows the user to interface a R-Pi computer to Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega Shields. It has provision for an Atmel ATMEGA2560 processor as found on the Arduino Mega board, and/or a PIC processor with a USB interface. The PIC can be programmed using the standard PIC ICSP interface. The ATMEL processor can be programmed either using the R-Pi's SPI databus (like the GERT board), or by programming the PIC to act as a simple USB to SPI bus interface.

It is called the rasp@berrie patch because it is a very versatile patch-board allowing the R-Pi, and the Arduino Uno or Mega interfaces to be configured in many different ways, using the PIC or the ATMEGA processors as I/O breakout for the R-Pi.

Rasp@berrie Patch Information