At prototype phase - The Rasp@berrie Patch

Patch with a Pi
This is the homepage of, which is now dedicated to the open source engineering activities of Nigel Berrie, of Basingstoke in the UK. This activity is to be based around a number of hardware designs, the first of which is called the rasp@berrie patch.

The rasp@berrie patch is a board that allows the user to interface a R-Pi computer to Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega Shields. It has provision for an Atmel ATMEGA2560 processor as found on the Arduino Mega board, and/or a PIC processor with a USB interface. The PIC can be programmed using the standard PIC ICSP interface. The ATMEL processor can be programmed either using the R-Pi's SPI databus (like the GERT board), or by programming the PIC to act as a simple USB to SPI bus interface.

It is called the rasp@berrie patch because it is a very versatile patch-board allowing the R-Pi, and the Arduino Uno or Mega interfaces to be configured in many different ways, using the PIC or the ATMEGA processors as I/O breakout for the R-Pi.

Rasp@berrie Patch Information